The House "Zum Storch" was first mentioned  two years after the start of construction of the Cathedral. " At this time, the Guild of Drapers was located in the shadow of the Frankfurt Cathedral on the corner of the „Weckmarkt“.

ca. 1600

At the time of the thirty-years-war was the House owned by the family Würz who operated a wholesale trade. The family was the best taxpayers of the city.


The son-in-law of the last Mr. Würz finally sold the House to the pastor Vinzenz Ussum, which built a tavern there. Since then, a restaurant is located here.


The House, and the entire historic center of Frankfurt am Main, has been completely destroyed by the bombing of the allied military forces.


A new building was built and the family Hahn took over the gastronomic lead in 1960. Since that time, you can eat and drink in the summer outdoors.


About the origin of the name "Zum Storch", different versions exist: one legend suggests that it burned several times at the Cathedral and the nearby house was then used for baptize infants. In addition, a stork adorns the Frankfurt Cathedral.


The truth however might be profane, a certificate of the city archives according to the House was initially owned by a Jewish family called "Storken" (which is equivalent to „Storch“).